Free Online Video Maker

Free Online Video Maker

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Tools and Software to Make Awesome Online Videos

Do you know how powerful video marketing is?

Have got the right tools to create awesome videos?

There are so many tools, software around to easily create amazing videos like a professional even when you are not.

I would like to share a tools and resources that will really help you build awesome videos easily and make your business grow……

  1. Use your Apple Device

The latest Apple Iphone and Ipads have great recording features that help shoot 1080p HD videos at ease using iMovie, iMovie is free built-in movie making software.

I have used iMovie to edit other peoples videos and videos I have created, this is very powerful software but honestly it did take me a while to figure out and once I had created a few movies I got the hang of it.

What I would suggest is before you jump into making your first movie is that you invest a method for holding the iPhone or iPad ready. A shaky camera will really destroy your video.

I would strongly suggest that you invest in at least a basic tripod mount that can allow you to have standup shots and scenes.

I recommend getting your tripod here – entry level unit to start the process.

Whereas the iPhone and iPad are great to record with, best no to rely on their built-in microphones when recording.

Depending on your setup or style there are several microphone options available for iPhone and iPad.

Best to research wireless microphone or even visit your local audio store for sound advise.

Now it’s time to create a high quality movie, just remember when using video to market your products or services you need to make sure your videos are not longer than a minute.

We found that our most profitable Facebook video ads have view of 15 to 20sec, yes the videos are longer but most viewed time period is 15 to 20 sec and then a decision is made.

  1. Take Advantage of Animated Videos

Not everyone wants to get in front of a camera or voice record them selves and this is fine.

One of the latest and popular new video software to launch this month is Video Builder.

With this software you are able to create stimulating videos with Avatar characters that will lip sync the script you have created.

Video Builder will give you a unique video layout and different designs that will make your offer stand out above the rest.

As for recording with your phone camera, the article “Making the Best Video Possible From a Cell Phone Video Recorder” at Videomaker should be very helpful as a starting point.

  1. Record Screencasts

Another way to build / create your video is to record your screen.

For example, create a power point presentation / slide show.

Then demonstrate your offer with amazing graphics and record yourself talking about the offer.

There are several tools for this such as EasyVideoSuite, Camtasia and Screenocast to just mention a few.

I have also used Video Marketing Blaster Pro, this software is also very powerful as it allows you to build video from video or pictures and it has it’s own audible voice over for any script you want.

I have built several videos with this software in the past, the only problem I has is it is a Windows based product and I use Apple as my main PC.

Keep your Audience engaged by adding images and graphics. Static images are unlikely to give you the results you want so think about this when designing your marketing video.

The products in this article are my personal experience, everybody has there own opinions and ideas that work for them. I am just trying to shed some light and hopefully some guidance on the topic.

Drop me a comment below and let me know what other topics, software and tools you would information on and I will see what useful information I can provide.

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