SociClicks Review – Turn Every Picture You Post on Social Media into...

SociClicks Review – Turn Every Picture You Post on Social Media into A Viral Traffic Machine …

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Your Pictures Get What? 100 Likes? 25 Comments? Now, Use this App to Turn All That Into Visitor Clicks & Sales
100% free, targeted traffic to any offer in ANY niche
INSTANTLY tap into BILLIONS of users from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Tumblr
Set & forget traffic campaigns for passive profits 24/7
Promote ANY link or offer to an unlimited audience, ZERO experience needed

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Social media is GREAT for entertainment. But for marketers? It’s become purely “pay to play”.
Organic post reach is hitting rock bottom …
And when you try to include a link in your posts? Your reach drops even lower.

The answer for most is to pay for ads, and that’s getting more expensive every day

Facebook reported advertising revenue of $9.16 billion in the second quarter of 2017, a 47% increase over the same quarter last year –, July 2017

And unless you’re an expert at ad copy, you’ll pay for specialists to write your ads for you as well. Here’s a recent post from a “copy specialist” quoting his rates:

Pay to get the ad created.

Pay to run the ads.

You’re making other people rich and just HOPING to turn a profit.

No guarantees.

Here’s Your FREE Social Media Traffic Fix!

Users aren’t drawn to the description, they’re attracted to the picture.
And THAT’S what they click on.
Let’s say you’re promoting smart phones. Like a smart marketer, you use image posts on social media.

Image posts work great to get attention on social media.
BUT … usually the only way to include a link is to add it to the description below the picture.

Here’s what normally happens when someone clicks on your image post:

Your Post Image

They Click

They See

Just a Bigger picture of the original image.

And DEFINITELY not you.

Which helps NO ONE. Not the user looking to possibly buy …

So someone is interested in your post, and is obviously clicking for more info. What do they get?

How about THIS instead?

Your Post Image

They Click

They See

NOW, when a user clicks the image in your post …
They get directed to ANY LINK you want – like a SALES page.

Which option is better for marketers?
Which option gets targeted traffic to your websites and offers?
Which option makes you more money?


Meaning the ONLY way to create money-making, clickable image posts on multiple networks is to spend HOURS per campaign and hundreds (or more) on expensive software.

Turning Pictures Into Profits.

There’s a reason social networks make it so hard for you to create “clickable” images.

Sure, there are some alternatives for some networks.
But you’ll need a different software or tool for EACH network …
Some may no longer work due to recent social media platform updates …

They want users to stay on THEIR platforms …
Not get redirected to your web properties.

Viral, 100% FREE Traffic From 5 Top Social Media Platforms.


increase in website traffic …
With “clickable” images that direct users to a specific link.

10X Higher Exposure, Engagement & Clicks From Every Post.

Effortless Leads, Sales & Profits In ANY Niche.

Nothing says “authority” like LinkedIn, now you can reach targeted buyers and influencers in your niche.

Create link-driving clickable image posts to share on your profile and ANY pages & groups you manage … leverage the largest social network on the planet and its 2 billion plus users.

Pictures and Pinterest go together like burgers and fries … 10X your engagement on this buyer platform.

Now you can instantly drive TARGETED traffic to YOUR money links from these powerful social networks:.

Leverage this HIGHLY ENGAGED platform that’s largely untapped by marketers.

Profits From Pictures Made Simple.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
How about a thousand clicks?
That could easily be worth … a thousand dollars, or much more.

When it comes to targeted traffic, Tumblr is your best friend. Turn clicks into profits by siphoning traffic from this powerful network.

STEAL Traffic From Five MASSIVE Social Networks.
And Send It To ANY Link You Want!

Built-in FREE Image Search & Editor For A Never Ending Source Of Customizable, Traffic Driving Image Posts.

10X The Results From EVERY Post …
ZERO Extra Work!

SociClick takes care of this nasty little problem for you.

So if you’re taking a break, it’s point and click simple to setup click campaigns days, weeks, even MONTHS into the future.

Get Instant Access To SociClicks NOW.

Do You Want:.
To MAXIMIZE your free traffic from 5 of the most popular social platforms on the planet?
To stop paying huge dollars for ads just to get people to click to your websites and offers?
To save thousands of hours and dollars trying to “hack together” different tools just to get your posts the engagement you deserve?

See which images and offers get the most clicks and conversions …
Then scale these winners to maximize your results. No more guesswork!

Links on social media are tricky business.
You can include a link with a post on Facebook once, and get the usual reach.

That’s why we’ve INCLUDED a built-in search feature to let you easily find the perfect image or photo from 2 massive, 100% free image libraries:.

The cloud-based software keeps every campaign you run inside a central dashboard.
Instantly find, edit, even clone existing campaigns.

Users still go where you want them to …
But FB sees your links as unique everytime, meaning you get MAXIMUM reach & engagement from every post.

Your Ticket To Free Traffic Starts Right Here

Anyone who’s searched online for the ideal image for a social post knows how time-consuming and frustrating it can be.

In just a few minutes you can have traffic campaigns in place that drive clicks and profits even when you’re on holiday.

All because your image “click magnets” now send visitors directly to your offers.

Combine this feature with the included analytics, and you’ll have a BLUEPRINT for scaling your most profitable campaigns.

But each time you repost the SAME link … FB knows it, and automatically REDUCES the reach you get.

MAXIMIZE Your Organic Reach & Clicks With SociClick.
SCALE Your Profits With SociClick.
Set It And Forget It With SociClick.
Get more engagement, clicks, leads and sales …

Because now your post links actually MEAN something.

Picture Perfect Posts EVERY Time With SociClicks …
Built-In FREE Image Search & Custom Editor.

With a revolutionary “Action Link Controller” that lets you CUSTOMIZE the links in your posts.

You’ve seen the case study above – an 82% increase in website traffic using this technology.

The software gives you the option to share your posts instantly … OR to schedule them in the future.

They HELP users, by giving them the information they want.
And YOU effortlessly drive more leads, sales and profits.

Now you can get similar results without changing how, or how often, you post on social media (but when you see how well this works, you’ll want to post a LOT more often) …