See How Cat Trees Effect Your Cats Behavour

See How Cat Trees Effect Your Cats Behavour

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The particular perch, prey, scratcher, or cubby your cat chooses is up to you…..

Appropriate environmental outlets encourage normal, healthy cat behavior while reducing the stress (and resulting inappropriate behavior) of sharing their environment with humans and other pets.

A cat tree can help satisfy many basic feline needs in a single, space-saving unit.

Higher and Higher
Spurred by a need to watch over household goings-on, look for prey, and feel secure, your cat chooses the elevated lookout offered by the fireplace mantle, the top of the refrigerator, or countertops when given no other perching choices.

Carpeted, floor-to-ceiling cat trees provide a secure, durable pathway to the highest domain in your home while keeping your cat off surfaces where you display breakables or prepare food.

They also place your cat where much of the heat in your home ends up– near the ceiling– and cats love to be where it is warm. If you can locate it near a window, even better.

Unless arthritic, most cats have no problem maneuvering quickly up and down the platforms and in and out of the hideaways on a cat tree. They provide an ideal solution to a cat’s innate need for a lofty throne.

Breakaway toys

Space-saving and Versatile Playground
Designed with a very small footprint, a cat tree occupies less than a couple square feet of your floor space, yet gives many square feet of elevated perching space– ideal for smaller homes or for setting up multiple cat trees.

Easy assembly means you can re-locate your cat tree whenever you wish to change the scenery for your cat. And, cat trees can be connected to other pieces of our carpeted furniture with the use of our Carpeted Ramp. Sturdy woodbase ramps let you connect as many pieces as your space and budget allow, creating the ideal cat playground in your home.

Dream On
It is estimated that cats spend over 60% of their time each day sleeping or resting; therefore, lounging and sleeping spots are essential. In multiple-cat households, these spots also help minimize social stress and provide a respite from quarrels– presuming there is a special spot available for each cat.

The enclosed hideaway on a cat tree is the ideal napping spot away from the dog, other cats, or the children. Ours include fleece or carpeting inner lining to keep cats cozy and warm.

Your cat’s environment is important to her wellness and behavior. The next time you chase her away from one of your household possessions, take inventory of her alternatives. It may be time to offer something new.

Prey Play
Hunting prey is an essential feline behavior, consuming about 15% of a cat’s day. Modifying your environment with appropriate prey toys can help prevent your legs, hands, or other objects in your home from becoming the target of your cat’s hunting sessions.

Hang swat toys or dangling toys from doorknobs, chair legs, or even a cat tree. Our cat trees include one, snap-on swat toy that easily breaks away from the tree should your cat become entangled in the string. Watch amusingly as multiple cats vie for a turn at the swat toy on a cat tree.

Cat Scratch Fervor
Cat trees can be instrumental in redirecting inappropriate scratching. Scratching is a necessary cat behavior, but doesn’t have to be tolerated on your furniture. Most of our cat trees have at least one sisal post built in.

With durable 3/8″ thick braided jute, they stand up to intense scratching and last a long, long time. To train a cat to use the sisal, place her on her hind legs, and gently work her front paws in a pawing motion on the sisal. She’ll catch on quickly.


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